• ARM your apps with Appatyze TM
    Appatyze is a unique suite of products and services that ARM’s developers
    with the tools they need to Acquire, Retain and Monetize their users more effectively.
    Don’t lose the battle. ARM your apps today for lower CPI's, higher ad revenues and more free installs.
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  • Beautifully simple.
    Not all developers have the same needs. Some focus exclusively on user growth while others prioritise ad revenue. Often priorities can even change from day to day. Imagine if changing your focus was as easy as flicking a switch.
    Now it is. No more need for multiple ad providers. With Appatyze you can now get users and revenue on demand.
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  • Smarter tech gets better results.
    Our competitors have inspired us...to use our superior technology to improve the simple concept of click share. Appatyze EXCHANGE automatically optimises the ads shown in real-time based on historic and individual user data.
    This improves the quality and quantity of users you receive. Smarter technology really does mean better results.
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  • USD not just MAU.
    When was the last time you could pay your server bill using your latest appdata numbers?
    Appatyze EXCHANGE is the ONLY click share service that pays you for your traffic and gives you free installs.
    We help developers build a business, not just an audience. Sign up to Appatyze today and get paid tomorrow. Simple.
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  • Have your cake and eat it.
    You’ve only got one prime leaderboard slot so why choose between users OR revenue when you can have both? Appatyze EXCHANGE is the ONLY product in the market that delivers FREE installs and a share of the ad revenue.
    So if you’d like to have your cake and eat it, launch EXCHANGE on your app today.
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  • R.I.P. one trick pony.
    Imagine if you could get your click share bar, paid social game ads as well as brand and video ads all from one partner. Let us bring you users and ad revenue while you build great games.
    Appatyze is the only partner you need to Acquire, Retain and Monetize your users.
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  • 1,000,000 Credits to be won!
    Enter our prize draw and you could win FREE credits to help grow your app even faster!
    Just submit your details online to join in.
    You’ve got to be in it to win it!
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"Appatyze has consistently delivered a
better quality of traffic than the other appbars"

Rik Haandrikman
Business Development Director - Gamepoint
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